I have always used fashion to express myself and because of how I view fashion, I decided to take a step further and really show you what I mean. There is more to fashion than trends and seasons, it is all in the expression. With that being said, I want to start making fashion films that have more meaning to it than just showing you the outfits. I would like to show or give you my own perspective of fashion through my films and I will be starting with my first film: Dear Nigerian Creatives.
Dear Nigerian Creatives ‭is a lookbook in the form of a short fashion film that showcases pieces by two emerging fashion brands: Hectore and Made By Kristie. The film not only showcases the designers but also sends a message to anyone who has the urge to create.

Watch the film below and see more visuals of the film, in photographs, afterwards.


Outfits by: Hectore



Outfits by: Made By Kristie


Full Poem

I have a message for you today.

About success and evolution.

About  understanding that working together will help us rise,

And Helping each other will  make us grow,

Individually and as a culture.

About putting our heads together.

I have a question for you today.

If you insist on on being an island,

How would you feel when You’re at the top alone ?

When they ask about the rest, what would you say ?

When you start falling and there’s no one to help, how would you feel?

Have you not heard of the phrase” we only rise by lifting others”?

I have a thought for you today.

How do you say you want something but are too lazy to work for it ?

Are you going to cross your arms and wait for a miracle ?

Or are you going to get up and write your own destiny

Do you not think ,

It’s time to get to work.

I have a tip for you today.

If you want something there’s a way to go about it.



Get feedback,

If it works , move on to the next project,


I have a reminder for you today.

Have you forgotten that this world in indecisive?

So please them all you want today

But their requests will change tomorrow

For what they truly want  is only something different

You should always remember

That your work is already different

And there’s no need for pressure

That those who would leave

Will come crawling back in search of originality

That you must never give up

Because they do not see what you do

Because in time ,

Your work will reveal itself

So Do you !

I have a note you must never forget today.

Do not think about if people will take it or not

Do not work on  negativity ,

Use it as a boost to help you work harder

Do not let praises ruin the quality of your work

And most importantly;

Stay humble and true to your craft

               ~ Dear Nigerian creators

The Team

Photography: U.M.K.D_ and Ima_Duke

Locations: BBQ & Cravings, Beach behind Rufus & Bees, Lekki Crafts Market

Models: Rasheedat Gbadamosi and Madeline Udowa

Soundtrack: Brian ‘Argxs’ Duroha

Poem Prosed by: Madeline Udowa

Poem composed by: Zarah Sai’id

Designers: Hectore and Made By Kristie

Co-Producers and Co-Directors: Madeline Udowa and U.M.K.D_

Stylist: Madeline Udowa

Makeup Artist: Mariam


How do you feel after watching this film and reading the poem?


Till Next Post,




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