There is always more than one perspective or opinion about something. Till this day, people ask me “What makes you / your style unique from other fashion bloggers?” My reply, “I make myself unique”. Fashion is all about self expression. Notice the word ‘self’, which deals with individuality, and so no two people will ever wear the same thing or style a particular clothing item the same way, except it was planned.

I and my best friend, Aniekeme, realized that we got the same dress from the exact same store and we decided to do a shoot together. We were in different rooms until it was time for us to shoot. When we came out, although I did not say anything, I was really amazed as to how we both styled this dress. I thought that we would come out in the same exact thing, but we did not and this goes to show that every single person is different.


We were not brought on this earth to be the same, we are different even just by our looks. If we were supposed to be the same, only one person would need to be on this earth. Embrace yourself and all that you come with, perfect all your flaws and grow to become the best person you can be for yourself.

So when you are asked, “What makes you different from the individual standing next to you?”, just say “I”. If you have to explain what you mean by that, go ahead and do so because I have noticed that in our generation, people itch to be the same as another person but the reality is that we cannot. The only person we can be is ourselves, and until we choose to accept and grow as individuals, we will never be able to move forward. We will always be stuck!

Dress: PrettyLittleThing

Shoes (Madeline): L’aviye | (Aniekeme): Chinese Laundry

Eyewear: Sunglass spot

Hat: TJMaxx

Photography: Nyeneime Inyang

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  1. Omojo says:

    Amazing post. People do need to hear this. The beauty of humanity is in our differences.

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