Ever Loved Your Bare Skin? | Colour Series (Brown)

Have you ever loved your bare skin?

I mean not just saying “I am beautiful in my natural skin”,

Or posting a selfie without makeup and using the hashtag #brownskingirl only when it is trending.

Have you ever felt confident in yourself that you do not wear makeup?

I mean not put on mascara to elongate your lashes,

Or wear lipgloss to gloss up your lips.

Well I have not, until now.


No matter the time of day,

If I want to record for my Youtube channel,

Or take pictures for my blog, I would always have makeup.


No matter the occasion,

If I want to go out with my friends,

I would always have makeup on.

The reason for this was not only because I wanted to enhance my natural beauty and hide my blemishes,

But because I only felt beautiful with makeup on

(Read this again)


I feel more confident in my bare skin.

This did not happen overnight but it took a lot of tears,

Questions that I had to answer myself,

Self reflection,

And Self realisation.

I have grown to love my bare skin because the beauty I see is unmatched and unique.

I am not saying you should not wear makeup


Rather you should know that you do not have to wear makeup.


Now let me ask you again,

Have you ever loved your bare skin?


Outfits: SnatchedByNzuri

Photography: Kamiinome


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