It’s An All Black Affair

As you all know my favorite color is black, and so I decided to do an all black ensemble and get it over with. So after this post, no more black (but I’m not making any promises). We all have those days when we want to dress/look mature, look like someone who has their things in order, well this was one of those days. 

This was a very simple yet swish look. I decided to go with a nice body hug dress to bring out my features, and a bow tied around my waist to help with my features but also serve as an accessory at the same time. Since I went for an all black ensemble, I paired it with black close toed heels and a black purse. All black on me just makes me feel good, it just makes me feel at ease with my dressing, plus it goes with any and everything. 





I dare you to try an all black ensemble. If you post it on the gram, tag me and I’ll let you know how you did! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Dress: Missguided
Shoes: Burlington Coat
Purse: Chanel

Photography: Kubiat Inyang

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