If you haven’t heard of Losa Leke, you’re about to hear of him now. Losa is a Nigerian musician whose music is very different from the regular, or should I say mainstream music. There is a particular feeling I get from listening to Losa’s music, my mind just goes to the beach and I picture myself relaxing in a bikini under the hot sun sipping on a cocktail. There is just this calm traditional groove his music gives which is rarely heard of in the Nigerian music scene. I could go on and on about Losa’s music and the vibe it gives, but I would rather you experience his music yourself.

Losa has several singles out but he took a step further this year and released a new EP, called ‘4 The Road’. I asked him what exactly came about the name of this EP, and in his words, “I wrote it for cars, let’s say I’m in an uber trip and I do not like what is on the radio, I just want to listen to something else, so I just called it ‘4 the road.’ His music is very unique, even the process he goes about producing these tracks are unique and that is why I believe he should be listened to more. Listen below.

My favorite music by Losa is his very first single called ‘My Sound’. This song just gives all sort of good vibes when I listen to it and I think that is why I love his music, because I get a lot of good vibes from them, good beats, lyrics and composure.

My next favorite song is Lady. In this song, Losa talks about a woman who he is in love with, I’m guessing, and how he does not see her as a woman, but a lady.

Another main reason why I like Losa’s music is because his sounds are never similar, but they still give you good vibes. With that being said, my third favorite song is Soke; this groove that introduces traditional instruments.

Here are the rest of Losa’s songs, which are equally as good as my top three.


I really hope I was able to add a new artist to your music library.

Connect with Losa: Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud.


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