Welcome to my first ever ‘Artist of the Month’ post! Because of my unending love for music, and my friends constantly asking me for new music to listen to, I decided to start a music series on my blog whereby at the end of every month, I will give you my artist of the month. I am really excited about this because I get to listen to music a lot, more than how much I used to before (lol).

Enough of talking, let’s get to my artist of the month! This artist is popularly known for his song G.O.A.T. If you do not know who it is yet, my artist of the month is Eric Bellinger!

I came across Eric Bellinger from the E! Show: The Platinum Life. I did not really start researching him until I heard a snippet to the remix of his hit song called G.O.A.T featuring Wale.

Watch video below


Immediately after I heard this song, I did my research on him and found that he has numerous mix tapes and EP’s, so I made it my duty to listen to almost all of his music. 

For those of you who might not know him, I will give you a little background on him. Eric Bellinger was born and bred in Los Angeles. He is an R&B artist and after listening to some of his music, I can tell that his main focus when it comes to the story telling has to do with love. Read more on Eric Bellinger.

Now back to the music! My top two favorite mix tapes, which I highly recommend you listen to, are Eric B for President: Term 1 & Term 2

Listen to them below


My favorite tracks from Term 1 are:

G.O.A.T. (feat. Aroc)

One of them (feat. 11:11)

Drive by

Remind her (feat. RJ)


My favorite tracks from Term 2 are:

Make you mine

Know/Vibes (feat. ELHAE)

Island (feat. Tayla Parx)


Malibu Nights (feat. Victoria Monet) 


Another mix tape that caught my attention was ‘The E-Mixes’, where he took hit songs from past years and remixed them to his own sound. He remixed songs like No Favors by Big Sean feat. Eminem, Antidote by Travis Scott, That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars, Love Galore by SZA feat. Travis Scott, and many more. Listen below

Listen to more Eric Bellinger.

If you like what you’re listening to, which I’m 100% sure you will, leave a comment down below on your favorite song. If there are other artists that you feel need to be listened to, leave their names in the comment below!

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