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M’$ Artist Of The Month: Kizz Daniel | September 2018

Kizz Daniel became a household name in Nigeria within a year or two. In such a short period of time, he has collaborated with popular international acts, this just goes to show how good Kizz Daniel is. Let’s get straight into the music shall we?

My favorite Kizz Daniel song is his recent collaboration with the popular group, Major Lazer. I have been following Major Lazer since Pon De Floor, so it is no secret that I am a Major Lazer fan. My favorite genre of music is Electronic and Major Lazer is in the fore front of this genre and this is why this song is my favorite. Apart from the genre, this shows how versatile Kizz Daniel is. Featured on this song are Kizz Daniel and Kranium. Listen below.

Next in line is For You featuring Wizkid. I really love this song mostly because of the beat, it is very different from your regular afrobeat. This is not your regular club song but you get good vibes from it. It is not your regular dance song but you can dance to it. Listen below.

This next song is one reason why I love Kizz Daniel, he can carry a whole track by himself. This song is one of my favorites because it reminds me of home, Africa, and I can just feel my culture in it; from the beat to the lyrics. Just beautiful. Listen below. The video is also a good representation of the song itself.

Up next on my list of my favorite songs by Kizz Daniel is 4 Dayz. This is your typical love song and I really love the beat. I love the song more with the visuals , I feel like the visual adds more beauty and meaning to it. Watch below.

This next song is the reason why I love music, there is always meaning behind it. No Do, I believe, is one of Kizz Daniel’s best songs. I say this because there is meaning behind it. He advices people to do only what they are capable of doing because if they go past their limits, they may not be able to come back or carry such weight. Watch the visuals below.

We all know Yeba, this song was released in October 2017 and is still being played. I think this is Kizz Daniel’s biggest song of his career. This song caught a lot of people’s attention, not only because it is a good song, but also because of the lyrics. Kizz Daniel had to put out a statement explaining the meaning behind the song and he said the song was to shed light on sexual harassment hence why the man stopped touching the lady after she said no. When you watch the video, you will understand. So, without any hold up, listen below.

Although these are my top Kizz Daniel songs, there are other songs that I still love. You can listen to my Youtube playlist dedicated to Kizz Daniel below.


I hope you enjoyed listening to someone new, if this is your first time discovering Kizz Daniel. You can keep up with him through his different social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

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