Maleek Berry is a well known Nigerian producer and artist. He first came into the spotlight in 2013 when he produced Wizkid’s freestyle, The Matter (listen below).

This was the song that really brought Maleek Berry mainstream and ever since then, he has never gone wrong in any musical content he puts out. Throughout his career, he has dropped multiple singles featuring artists like Geko and Chip, and two EP’s.

Let’s get straight into the music shall we? One reason why I love Maleek Berry is because he can carry his own song. What do I mean by that? You rarely see Maleek Berry featuring artists on his songs but he makes songs you will enjoy so much that you will play it all over again. He does not need to feature other artists to get the reaction he deserves.

My problem with Maleek Berry is that whenever he has a new song out, that song instantly becomes my favorite Maleek Berry song. So with that being said, my favorite song by Maleek Berry is Gimme Life (listen below).

There is always this vibe you get from Maleek Berry’s songs that you will never get on any other song. He just has this feel good vibe to him and his music and it is very relaxing and soothing. Listen to some of my favorite songs below.

On Fire is a bit different from what Maleek Berry is used to in terms of sound but I think it was a good idea for him to go in this direction and explore the different kind of sounds that he can play with. I really like the song and I like the fact that he went with a different sound.

In case no one knows, Maleek Berry did a refix to the most popular song from Rihanna’s Album: ANTI, titled Work. He always did remixes to songs, before he started making his own music. I think that it was a good idea so he could get the general public’s reaction first before he started putting out his own musical content with his own lyrics.

I really love the refix he did to this song, I really like how he tweaked the beat a little and made it a comfortable beat for himself. It is definitely something I could play over and over again and it is definitely a feel good summer song.

Now, let us get to the EP’s, shall we?

The first EP Maleek Berry released, Last Daze of Summer, was in October of 2016. This EP consists of 6 tracks which all have this summer vibe to it and I guess that was what he was going for. Listen to the EP below.

My favorites from this EP are:


Let Me Know

Nuh Let Go


Eko Miami (ft. Geko)


The second EP he released is called First Daze of Winter which he released in June 2017. This EP also consists of 6 tracks and I really like how he makes it a continuation of the last EP but with a different twist. Listen to the EP below.

My favorite tracks are:

Been Calling

Pon My Mind

Own It

Sisi Maria


Like I said earlier, I really love the fact that he carries his own songs and obviously his own EP’s in the sense that he has little to no features on his projects and that is what really excites me about Maleek Berry. I feel like there is no other Nigerian artist that has his sound which is something that is very unique about Maleek Berry.

Well, I do hope that I have convinced you to give Maleek Berry a chance and you will definitely add him to your playlist for the coming holidays.

Keep up with Maleek Berry: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud.


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