I first discovered Shakka on YouTube. This song called ‘Take Over’ just came on and I noticed that Mr. Eazi and Seyi Shay are on it and so I said “why not just give it a listen?”. From then, I fell in love with the song but more in love with Shakka because I had finally found some new talent I was willing to explore.

Listen to the song that introduced me to Shakka.

Let us get a little bit into Shakka shall we? Shakka Philip, who is popularly known as Shakka, is a British singer, songwriter and producer. He was born on May 16th, 1989 and you can find his music in genres like Independent music, Alternative Rock, Soul Music, Contemporary R&B, and Hip-Hop.

Now, let us get into the music. My all time favorite song by Shakka is ‘Take Over’ featuring Mr. Eazi and Seyi Shay. My next favorite is ‘Say Nada’ the remix featuring JME. Listen below.

This is the type of song you would play at a moshpit and everybody just lets go and be free. That is the vibe the beat gives me and i really like it.

Below are the few more songs I have discovered about Shakka that I am in love with.

‘Man Down’ is a story about a woman that he has fallen for and would let her get away with anything. I think that is the whole point behind the name of the song, Man Down. He is at the point where everything he does is about her and nothing is about him.

I really like this song because it incorporates dance into it and I love dancing, I always used to dance in high school, it was a big hobby of mine. Other than that, there is a story here. I believe that through the dance, they are both expressing how they make each other feel.

‘When will I see you again’ has got to be one of my favorite Shakka story telling videos. The lyrics and the video just align and mesh well together. I am also very in love with the beat and the scenery that was used to shoot the video.

You know when you and your spouse are having arguments and it gets to a point where you are just fed up and tired and so you think you are done but you’re actually not? Yep, that is what ‘Don’t call me’ is about. I really like how Shakka likes to tell stories with his music and most especially how he brings his stories to life with the visuals.

In this song, ‘Sooner or later’, Shakka is singing about discovering himself and figuring out who he really is. And so he says that sooner or later he will find out who he is, it is all about time. And I think a lot f people can relate to this song because most times people do not know who they are and they get very confused about what to do with life but the thing is as life goes on, you will start to figure out who you really are.

I always like a song that I can just vibe to without being at a party to enjoy it or without even feeling like partying when the song just comes on and that is what ‘Rowdy’ gives me; just your regular song to vibe to with good beat and flow.

The one thing that I love about Shakka is that he makes sure he passes on a message in every song and also that his visuals are an exact replica of his audios. I cannot wait to hear more from Shakka and I hope he drops something soon!

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