As you are getting ready for summer, it is only right to start compiling your summer playlist. I have already started mine and I find myself picking songs from this Nigerian duo called Show Dem Camp. If you do not know them, well you are about to and you will definitely want their music in your summer playlist.

Here is a little background behind this two-man group. Olumide Ayeni and Wale Davies are the brains behind this group called Show Dem Camp (SDC). They started out in 2010. In an interview with The Guardian Life, they described their music as “the core elements of rap and afrobeat” which is a very unique mixture and I could not agree with them more. If you would like to know more about them, you can check out their interview with The Guardian Life.

Let us get to the music shall we? If you are looking for proper grooves this summer, I would suggest you give ‘Palm Wine Music Vol.1’ (their first album) a listen. This album envisions everything you would need this summer; good vibes, friends, parties, drinks, and anything good you can think of. Listen below

My favorite tracks are:

Up 2 You featuring Funbi

Compose featuring BOJ

Independent Ladies featuring Ajebutter 22

Popping Again featuring BOJ and Odunsi

Although this is their first album, they have mixtapes and EP’s that also bring their craft to life. Listen below.

Here are some of my favorite singles:

My favorite part of anything has to do with visuals. I like seeing artists bring their music to life. So with that being said, watch some of my favorite visuals below by Show Dem Camp.

If you like what you’ve experienced so far, you can listen to more Show Dem Camp here:  YouTube , SoundCloud

You can also keep up with them through their different social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


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