TTWM Ep.7: Bye Bye 2017 & Hello 2018

Hey Guys! Welcome to another Talk Time – ish. A lot of times, people keep things to themselves because they do not want to hurt the next person and that is how I am, but I am just tired of holding on to things because it brings about confusion and unnecessary weight in my life. I made this video just to say all what I want to say to the people I want to and leave it in 2017 (NO MORE HEAVY WEIGHT!) and to the people who made the year memorable. I also did this to encourage people who do not think that they can say what they feel to people to do so and find peace within themselves and move on with their lives.

I hope you enjoy this video and it enables those of you who are like me (quiet and reserved) to let whatever is bothering you out and move on with life!

Watch below

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  1. Edidiong says:

    Loved it! So proud of you b😘

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