This Harness | Colour Series (Black)

Whenever I am dressing up for my photoshoots, I always look for one significant thing in the whole process and use that as my focus in my blogposts. While I was getting ready for this photoshoot, the harness bag gave me a lot of issues; it was difficult to put it on and the brand I got it from did not have any instruction on how to wear it, which was amazing! This is why the title of this blogpost is ‘This Harness’.

I would say that I spent about ten to fifteen minutes trying to put on this harness but, the whole outfit came together really well. I am back with the turtleneck again because it is that time of the year, and, although it is cold outside, I defied all odds and still wore a mini high waist skirt. Best believe I was freezing but hey its fashion! I then paired my top and skirt with a pair of black sock boots with white pointed toes, a white harness bag, brown sunglasses, and gold jewellery.




Top: Missguided

Skirt: Mistress Rocks

Boots: Missguided

Glasses: Monarch Tokyo (Use my code ‘MB20’ to get 20% off)

Bag: Mistress Rocks

Jewellery: FashionNova


Shot By: Brennae’s Boarding

Edited By: Madeline Ben Udowa


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