We Are Kings Spring Collection Preview

During the Christmas holiday, I got to attend The “We Are Kings Spring Collection Preview” and I must say, it was very interesting. My sister, Yvonne Ben owner of The Kaleidoscopian was the host of the show and I decided to tag along. 


This was my very first collection preview so I was a little bit nervous, but after a while, I got comfortable, lol.


For my outfit, I decided to fit in with the brand so I googled the We Are Kings brand and I saw that they mostly deal with African print. I wore a dress by a Nigerian designer based in Toronto, Canada. I paired this dress with a pair of african print shoes and a black clutch. 









My sister wore an orange two-piece by the same Nigerian Designer (Ofuure) based in Toronto, and black open-toed heels.










My sister’s assistant from The Kaleidoscopian, Zeeba came as well and is also wearing a dress made by the same Nigerian designer.


Here are some pictures from the show!













Outfits: Ofuure

Photography: Courtesy of The Kscope.

Location: Toronto, Ontario.

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