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Why Is It So Cold?


It is that time of the year where the look of the weather can be very warm but the feel is very cold. With a weather like this, you get the best of both worlds while endlessly searching for warmth. I find myself asking “Why is it cold?” everyday during winter, and this is due to the fact that I am not a big fan of winter.

I always find music a very soothing way to depict the weather and how it makes me feel. I believe that music can in fact keep you warm during cold times and I came up with a playlist that consists of warm music, either due to the flow of the song or the warm words from the artists. Listen below and I hope this adds to your warmth during these cold days!

You can follow me on Apple Music, Madeline Ben, to stay updated with my various playlists. If you are one who is not a big fan of the cold weather, like myself, do not worry, Spring is around the corner. Just hold on!


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Madeline Ben.

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