About Me

Born and raised in Nigeria, Madeline Ben Udowa is not only a Fashion blogger, but also a beauty and lifestyle blogger, hence the name “Madeline’s Avenue”. Madeline’s resume does not stop there as she is in the process of achieving her Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence, seeing as she is fascinated with technology and a very hands on individual. As a young child, Madeline was always perceived as the regular tomboy because of the way she dressed. She started exploring fashion more as she got older and has been able to discover a lot about herself that she did not know. Although she is still hooked to her tomboy self, Madeline is using this medium as a journey to explore the different sides to her in terms of fashion. Most especially, she is using this medium to reach out to people who think that they do not “fit in”, because of one reason or the other, to go out and explore their fashion sense and to know that: if you do not “fit in”, you are unique and you can always use that to your advantage. Being unique attracts people.

Why beauty? Madeline has always been fascinated by beauty and the different ways in which she can express herself through makeup. She pushes beyond what makeup is perceived to be used for, and uses it as a form of self expression and realisation.

There is more to life than what is right in front of you and what you think. There is a whole world outside of your state or country, there are numerous ways in which one can live a healthy life, and there are a lot of issues going on in the society. These are some of the little things that give life meaning and Madeline is on a journey to explore all these things.

Formerly known as RTMA, Madeline’s Avenue was created in 2016. Starting off as a fashion blog, Madeline’s Avenue has grown to be more than that, an avenue that explores not only fashion, but lifestyle and beauty of the unique and mysterious Madeline Ben.

Take a walk through Madeline’s Avenue and explore all that she has to offer.

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