African Fashion Week Toronto 2017: Day 3

September 30, 2017

The third day of African Fashion Week Toronto 2017 was an amazing one. Although it was not the last day, it was my last day. I got to meet more fashion influencers and designers. The designers for day 3 were John Ablaza, his pieces were very unique and eye catching. The Wifey Collection, who is a Toronto based designer, has got to be one of my favorites from Day 3. There was also a showcase by Akdim Smail who is a Moroccan designer, his designs were to die for! There was also a menswear showcase by Fari Hara. I definitely like seeing men in suits and the designs made by Fari Hara are definitely what I would like to see a man in. The last designer for Day 3 was Kahonde Designs and I must say that her collection was my favorite, mostly because of the diversity in her materials and the use of color

They were all unique and astonishing pieces by outstanding designers. I am very grateful for the experience and I cannot wait for more of African Fashion Week Toronto.






Watch my experience at African Fashion Week and my stay in Canada below! 


Location: Royal Ontario Museum, Canada.
Photography: Emmanuela Okon.

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