What’s On Your Valentine’s Day Playlist?


It has been a minute since we’ve had posts dedicated to good music. I finally got Apple Music and ever since then, I listen to new music everyday and curate all sorts of playlists that I cannot wait to share with you. The first playlist I will share with you is my Valentine’s Day Playlist.

If you are someone who uses music as a form of expression, then it is only right to have a Valentine’s Day Playlist. Valentine’s Day is usually all about being in a relationship with someone and giving out gifts, which I believe brings about all forms of confusion and sometimes, low self-esteem. Some people who are not in relationships always tend to feel disappointment around this time because they do not have that person they can brag about, buy gifts for, or validate that they are “taken”.

I believe that Valentine’s Day is much more than that. It is all about love, whether it is between a significant other, family members, yourself, or your friends. Just because you do not have that special someone does not mean you are left out when it comes to celebrating on this day.

I curated a Valentine’s Day Playlist (which I am still adding songs to) that does not only celebrate companionship or that special someone, but also self -love and self-appreciation. Listen to My Valentine’s Day Playlist below. Follow me on Apple Music to get access to more playlists!

What do you have on your Valentine’s Day Playlist? Let me know in the comment section.

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